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Viernes, Enero 27, 2017 - 15:11

The emerge sound on the landscape of Formosa's Neon

The emerge sound on the landscape of Formosa's Neon







他慢慢的走向我,用友善的手勢對我說,歡迎來到台北,Jin Lao,他把我的行李放在路上,我們握手道別!我很高興我終於回到台北!

The lights got off, a surround silence begins to take form of nowness, and in that moment a dialogue began to emerge:

“So what happened then? Does the echoes started to feel with the different textures of the unknown? Is it how you started to see Dragons in the air, could you feel to understand the neon that lives in Taipei Kissyo (台北吉祥) by Suda Issei.

All the fallen gods that presents the deepness of the drain and grain immortality portrayed by Yao Jui- Chung, do you started to live inside of these rare atmosphere?”.

“There was a way of storytelling that you learn in your western conception, but then you arrived to Far East and you started to fell different, to hear different and live in a constant of utopian dystopia. How do you describe the juices of the flowered sensuality that lives in an island called Formosa?, is that the way you understand things now?” he continued “please don’t rush the hours into long speeches, here your words became light and minimalism, everything reaches another landscape when you became a person that start to understand the language of the Tigers”.

“How can I understand the speaking of the vibes Laoshi of Air” the external voice asked, and then the inner voice responded “What a second and start to reach the voices of water in the shadows of the Black and White, perhaps you may find the guidnees in Beyond humanity of Yao Jui- Chung, perhaps, this is only a game where dust became rocks and rocks became flames.”

Marbles of generations lives in the hard soil of Taipei, Mister Turrell lives in the inner blood of the harsh Neon that unveils the Betel Nut stores. Chew, feel, smell and feel the deep humidity that can move the living spirit of Kipling. Unveil your inner dialogue, feel free, distance yourself from the western frames and maybe we, you, he, she can start understanding the steps of sensuality.